Born in Newport, Rhode Island, Crystal traveled frequently as a child but calls home in the suburbs of San Diego, CA. 

Crystal attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA during the Fall of 2010 to start studing for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects. She concentrated her studies under the Character Animation program and achieved her degree in Fall of 2014. 

Crystal has been working professionally as an animator for about 3 years. She has done various works both in animated shorts, education, and mobile gaming. Crystal's first film credits include: Lady and the Frog (2014), Aria for a Cow (2015), and Curpigeon (2016). After doing a handful of work in animated shorts, her first animation job out of school was at a small startup tech company doing animated educational videos for health care. Soon after, Crystal pursued animation in mobile games and worked as a 2D animator at Big Fish Games. Now she's currently contracting as a production artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Crystal is currently an animator and production artist working in the SF Bay Area.


She also exhibits in a variety of gallery shows and conventions with her personal work on the side.

Gallery Shows:

  • The Beehive Society - Winter is Here (2017)
  • TR!CKSTER - Botanica Exotica (2017)
  • The Beehive Society - The Beasts of Hogwarts (2016)
  • The Galallery - Moon Prism Power (2016)
  • TR!CKSTER - Hidden Among Us (2016)
  • Fan*Alley - Fantastic Foes (2016)
  • The Beehive Society - NO TOUCHING (2016)
  • For the Love of Pixar - Sweet Emotions (2016)
  • The Beehive Society - Legendary Lands (2015)
  • The Beehive Society - Treat. Yo. Self. (2015)
  • A Little Known Shop - The Neverending Fantasy Show (2015)
  • A Little Known Shop - Don Bluth Tribute Gallery (2015)

Past Conventions:

  • San Francisco Comic Con 2018
  • San Francisco Comic Con 2017
  • Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017
  • Shrunkenheadman Con 2017
  • San Francisco Comic Con 2016
  • Alternative Press Expo 2015

Featured in:

  • Pinays in the Arts; Speaker (2018)
  • Siblings: An Illustrated Anthology (2016)
  • Her Royal Highness Zine (2015)